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April 27, 2019  

08. Eleanor Guthrie (Season Two)

April 27, 2019

We return to Eleanor Guthrie. Estefanía leads the discussion of Eleanor’s season two arc with a few talking points: Black Sail's representation of gendered power, Eleanor’s sexuality and feminine expression, and internalized prejudice among audiences. Why is Eleanor one of the most divisive characters in the show? How did fans perceive the Vane/Eleanor relationship? How much of that reception is rooted in traces of misogyny and biphobia?

If you would like a written transcript of this episode, a transcript will be made available soon as possible. An announcement will be made when it’s available- please bear with us!

Last, we'd like to thank and give credit to Entertainment for the Braindead for the use of our theme song "Pirates" off the album Roadkill