Hoist the Colours

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November 25, 2018  

04. Max (Season One)

November 25, 2018

Welcome to Hoist the Colours, a Black Sails podcast with an LGBTQ lens. This episode focuses on the character of Max and her arc throughout the first season. A quick content warning: this episode discusses representations of sexual violence in Black Sails and other media, with particular investment in the violences experienced by queer folk and women of color. Please be advised on the nature of this conversation as you proceed- we always try to be respectful and cautious, but we want you to listen safely, listeners. 

Estefanía leads the discussion with suggested talking points: the representation of sex work, sexual violence, and queer women of color in media. We pose a few difficult questions: Are there any ways to justify rape scenes in current media? Have audiences become desensitized to these stories? Is Max's 'rape plot' of season one insensitive, empowering, incompetent, or valuable?

If you would like a written transcript of our audio content for this episode, we will have the link provided as soon as possible. Apologies for not having the document available at the present moment- we're doing the best we can!

Last, we'd like to thank and give credit to Entertainment for the Braindead for the use of our theme song "Pirates" off the album Roadkill