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December 29, 2018  

05. Anne Bonny (Season One)

December 29, 2018

Welcome to Hoist the Colours, a Black Sails podcast with an LGBTQ lens. This episode focuses on Anne Bonny and her season one character arc.

Laura leads the discussion with a few questions: How is the audience meant to define the relationship between Jack and Anne: are they family, lovers, partners? How is the viewer meant to read Anne's sexuality/identity? Talking points include: the Jack/Anne relationship, Black Sails' representation of queer feminine desire versus the male gaze, Anne's internalized misogyny, and her role in Max's season one plot.

If you would like a written transcript of our audio content for this episode, we will have the link provided as soon as possible. Apologies for not having the document available at the present moment- we're doing the best we can!

Last, we'd like to thank and give credit to Entertainment for the Braindead for the use of our theme song "Pirates" off the album Roadkill