Hoist the Colours

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February 24, 2019  

06. Fandom

Welcome to Hoist the Colours, a Black Sails podcast with an LGBTQ lens. Now that our season one discussions are all wrapped up, we thought we'd do something a little different and broaden our conversation to fandom and fan culture. 

Laura, Trinity, and Estefania share their individual experiences with fandom and fan culture as a liberating space. Talking points include: queer-baiting versus queer representation in cult television, fandom as a creative space amongst women and queer folk, fan interpretation vs Word of God, and the representation of sex and sexuality in fan work.

A written transcript of this episode is available here. We would like to give a million thanks to Michaela, Annika, Eli, and Emily for their help with this transcript. Words can't express how helpful you four were. Thank you for your time and effort!

We'd like to also give a special spotlight to the fanfiction mentioned in this episode: The New World by @e-sebastian​ and Time Covers All Things by Lilithilien.

Last, we'd like to thank and give credit to Entertainment for the Braindead for the use of our theme song "Pirates" off the album Roadkill

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